We are a team of experienced eyecare professionals leading by a registered optician and refraction optician who was also a licensed orthokeratologist and an oversea certified optometrist with plenty of experience in ophthalmic practice.


Our orthokertalogist specializes in children myopia control treatment commonly known as Ortho-K. use specicial gas-permeable contact lenses gently shape the cornea, normally worn only while you sleep, to improve vision through corneal reshaping. After decade of developments, Ortho-K has proven to be the most effective method against children myopia progression.


Our service centre employs the most state-of-the-art ophthalmic equipments and automatic lens edging machines, imported from Germany and Japan. With a fully equipped in-store lab, we proudly present one hour service to our customers. From sight test, to spectacle dispensing and lens edging, it only takes an hour. This makes us your most reliable and efficient eyecare practitioners


We stock a wide selection of frames from designer name brands to economy frames. In addition, we supply a variety of ophthalmic lenses serving different purposes, such as anti-fatigue lens, medical lens, children myopia control lens, multi-purpose sunglass lens and sport glasses. Other than those, we also dispense gas-permeable contact lens, disposable contact lens, bifocal and multivision contact lens.